Graphics of the Sacred Symbol Om

Links and Credits

About Hinduism   Explanations on Hinduism for interested people. Source of some of the Om pictures.
Himalayan Academy   The web site of a Hindu monastery on Hawaii(!). Source of the Om picture, creative style.
South Asia study resources compiled by Frances Pritchett, Columbia University   Source of the Om picture on "cosmic" background, originally appeared on
(site no longer exists). If someone knows the copyright holder, drop me a line, please.
Holista Realisations   Source of the Om picture in pastel rosette (French web site).
Il risveglio dello spirit   "Il risveglio dello spirit" is Italian and means "The awakening of the spirit". Source of the Om picture with fractal background.
Photo Bucket   Source of "Om in blue lotus, on dark blue backgound", found on
Unfortunately, I was unable to contact the uploader (Photo Bucket keeps its users' data confidential), so if someone knows the copyright holder, drop me a line, please.
Paul's Musique   Source of "Om black&white in chessboard-like pattern", used non-commercially by permission.
Om Gayatri   Source of "Om in orange circle", used non-commercially by permission.
Sai Vishvarupa, section "Om Art"   Source of several Om graphics, used non-commercially by permission (this backlink).

Jappy - Die Internet-Community   The Jappy webmaster helped me a lot in writing a PHP script that prevents traffic stealing. Thank you!